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Junior ISEP offers more than just a catalogue of products and services; it has a whole range of areas of expertise that it can draw on to carry out tailor-made projects.

What do you need?

Gain visibility
  • Showcase website
  • Site E-commerce
  • SEO
Starting a project
  • Specifications
  • Web & Mobile App
  • Electronics
Developing your business
  • Data intelligence
  • ISO 9001 White Audit
  • ERP / CRM
Going further
  • Benchmarking
  • Digital strategy
  • UI & UX

Gain visibility

site vitrine

Gain visibility

Take advantage of the expertise of the top students at ISEP, an engineering school specialising in digital technology, to boost your online visibility.

I have a project
A merchant website, tailor-made for your company
  • Develop your business
  • Increase your sales
  • Improve your visibility
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Showcase website
For a presence on search engines
ReactElementor PROWordPress
  • Create your brand image
  • Accessible on all screens
  • Win over potential customers
  • Gain visibility
  • Present your company
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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation
Research and optimisation of your presence on search engines
Goodle AdsYoast SEO
  • Increase your number of visitors
  • Target your audiences
  • Optimise your website
  • A turnkey dashboard
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Start a project

Starting a project

Launch your projects with Junior ISEP. Bring your ideas to life by writing specifications, creating a mobile application or an electronic prototype.

Cahier des Charges
POC éléctronique
Drafting of specifications
  • Technical specifications
  • Estimated cost
  • Development methodology
  • Creation of mock-ups
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Web & Mobile Application
AngularNode JSSQL
  • Application mobile multiplateforme
  • Progressive web app
  • Launch your business
  • Tailor-made features
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  • Electronics & IOT
  • Design & 3D Printing
  • Embedded systems
  • Connected devices
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Expanding your business

Developing your business

Take advantage of the expertise of the best digital engineering students to optimise and develop your business. Make IT your growth lever!

Custom Code
Dashboard Data Analyze
Data intelligence
Clean up your data and automate its display
ExcelPower BIPython
  • Data cleansing
  • Data visualisation
  • Data analysis
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Automate your business tasks with customised software
React NativeSQL
  • Internal management software
  • Tailor-made development
  • You own your tool
  • Task automation
  • Invoicing, HR, customer management, etc.
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ISO 9001 mock audit
Benefit from the expertise of an ISO-standardised structure since 2001
IOS 9001
  • ISO 9001 mock audit
  • Tailor-made specifications
  • Customised report
  • Help in drawing up a QMS
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Going further

Stratégie digitale
Conception UI & UX

Going further

Take advantage of IT from every angle, studying the market and its developments before embarking on the development of an ambitious project.

  • Benchmark concurrentiel interne
  • Trend study
  • Detailed study report
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Digital strategy
  • Audit of your structure
  • Communication strategy
  • Going further with SKISEP Consulting
  • Digital transformation report
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  • Mock-up of your project
  • New graphic charter
  • Redesigning your logo
  • User experience study
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